"I haven't heard anything this cool in a long time..."

"If you put Talking Heads, Frank Sinatra, Steely Dan and ACDC in a frozen margarita machine, this might be the tasty beverage in your glass. Timeless music for 2018. Drink up!"

If you've caught Timothy P. Green on YouTube or elsewhere, you already know how refreshingly new—and toe-tappingly, head-boppingly addictive—his music is. Now is your chance to get on the train (for free) before the debut album is even released to the public!

Sherri Innis

"I couldn't keep him on the set! He has so much energy and he's so magnetic."

Sherri Innis

"Timothy's uniquely fresh approach makes me smile."

Thom "TK" Kidd
Multiplatinum Engineer
Bradford Rogers

"People simply need to hear this record... It's amazing."

Bradford Rogers