As some of you may know, I have an interest in all things historical; but more so in all things war-related in history. I have visited almost every major battlefield from the French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, and Civil War, and everything in between. I do not profess to be a great war strategist; nor a scholar on such related topics.

What always has been my fascination is the human conflict involved in such battles: the resolve, the courage, the ultimate sacrifice for cause and country. The casualties, damage, fear, pain and sorrow. These powerful human emotions have always left me speechless and a bit bewildered as to the gravity at such places of great carnage.

Ironically, these scenes of bloody confrontation have all occurred on some of the most beautiful landscapes preserved by our various State and National Park Services. Where once there were corpses, there are now beautiful flowers, trees, wildlife, and streams flowing with life!

Recently I was told by my doctor that a little extra cardio exercise would be most beneficial for my slightly elevated blood pressure. After trying stationary bike, and a pavement track for fast walking, I became bored with the monotony and lack of scenery therein; so I decided to try hiking in nature. And there was Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, just mere minutes drive from my house.

I had always visited various battlefields as a tourist and thought silent prayer,and respect coupled with my quiet interest were the apropos moods to be observed when visiting all such sites. Hiking and jogging on trails within these parks just didn’t seem right nor respectful, but I had a cause now, a fear and my own human conflict to fight.

Upon arriving at Kennesaw I noticed everyone was hip to the trails and were making this park part of their daily workouts; so I decided, why not give it a shot?  Surprisingly, I didn’t feel the guilt I thought I would as I was “walking for my life.”

Perhaps this was my cause, my sacrifice? Surely no old soul who so bravely fought and died within would be angry with me? Or would they?

To be continued…