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Birds Had Flown

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The Transitioning

transition |tranˈziSH(ə)n tranˈsiSH(ə)n| noun

Movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change.

There was a lot of talk in the news not long ago about a certain athlete who decided to transition from male to female. Pondering Caitlyn’s courage and transparency in her decision to share this with the world, I became convinced that I should share a secret I have been hiding for quite some time with you.

It has taken years for me to come to terms with this and gather up the courage to reveal it to my closest friends, fans, family and colleagues. Continue reading

I dropped by Mr. Producer’s place to check on our live show prep. And THIS happened…

All Talk, No Action

The title expounds on a subject as old as man himself and his interactions with a potential mate.

This particular scenario takes place in a dimly lit cocktail lounge. Both parties are situated at the bar and have been catching glimpses of each other out of the corner of their eyes.

This is where the game begins. Continue reading

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