The title expounds on a subject as old as man himself and his interactions with a potential mate.

This particular scenario takes place in a dimly lit cocktail lounge. Both parties are situated at the bar and have been catching glimpses of each other out of the corner of their eyes.

This is where the game begins.

As the bar clears, they are finally able to approach one another, and one seat has conveniently become vacant next to hers. The conversation starts and quickly turns to how unhappy they both are.

One is hopelessly lonely single; the other is involved, but in an unhappy relationship. Things take the usual course after several strong drinks, with both parties sympathetically defending the hardships the other has had to endure. The eye contact has become more intense and longing as the body motion begins to churn. Conversation is now almost entirely about sex and romance or the lack thereof.

What to do?

It has now come dangerously near to closing time. Desire and her perfume are both screaming “Yes!”

We’ve been talking about it all night long / Singing that sexy sassy song / Time to find out before too long if it’s All Talk, No Action.

As a working musician, I have seen this scenario acted out hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of times. One particular venue where I have observed this ancient behavior most vigorously applied is in hotel cocktail lounges.

Surprisingly, businessmen and -women get lonely on the road and are usually still dressed quite sharply from their day’s matters. Conveniently, nice beds are located just up the stairs, something that can’t be said about bars and clubs.

The talk is still the same no matter where you go: From the fossilized dried lake beds of Eastern Africa and the Fertile Crescent (no pun intended), to the towns, big cities and skyscrapers of today, the question still remains between the sexes:

Are you All Talk, No Action?

“All Talk, No Action” is the opening track from Timothy P. Green’s debut album, Birds Had Flown. You can download the title track for free HERE.