Vote-GreenWell here it is…my first blog post on the new site. My debut solo album is just about finished and will be released shortly.

Thanks to the tireless work of Bradford Rogers at Worldsongs Media and some extra assistance from the amazing Thom “TK” Kidd and the whole gang at Silent Sound Studios, the album is sounding exceptional and has exceeded all of my expectations. Credit must also be given to all of the fine musicians who have performed and contributed to this work.

I’m very excited about sharing my music on this site as well as any news, updates, and “behind the scenes” glimpses. Who knows? I might even share some of my favorite Indian recipes (pictures now currently on Pinterest) and other interests outside of music.

Putting an album of original music together, shooting videos, performing my own stunts under the duress of one disgruntled housecat (more on that later), photos and various promo creation has been an awesome learning experience, as well as great fun!

Please let me know what you would like to see and hear from me here. Until next blog.

Vote Green!